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Our Story

WISE grew out of a passion project at CloserIQ – the organizational strategy firm that helps the world’s most innovative companies build high performing teams. Jordan Wan (CEO of CloserIQ) met Alex Adamson (now Executive Director of WISE) and they immediately connected on shared frustrations with the lack of diversity and resources for women in sales organizations.

While diversity in the workplace is a much larger problem, women in the sales profession is an underserved demographic that has huge potential for improvement. Our hope is that the positive impact we create in our profession can be a catalyst to broader improvements in the workplace.

Our panel events draw curated audiences of 100+ sales professionals, managers and executives from the fastest growing companies in the world; while our more intimate executive dinners and fireside chats provide individuals a safe forum to share knowledge, find mentors, and inspire them to take control of their career.

Our end goal is to provide organizations (even startups!) a solution to build an inclusive and engaged employee base.

Our Impact


Accelerate your career

Join WISE for career resources to help you reach your full potential. Our videos, articles and guest blogs feature insights and tips from industry leaders who can help you navigate your career.

Elevate your brand

Increase your company’s brand awareness and gain community recognition as an industry leader in inclusion. Attract job seekers and engage customers in an active conversation about helping women advance their careers in sales.


Engage your team

WISE events are inspiring team bonding opportunities that engage and employees and their managers into an active conversation about career development and inclusivity.0

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