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Value-Selling a Premium Solution

In a tough market like today, closing sales deals is even more challenging. Prospects are getting more elusive and customer objections are becoming all too common. For sellers, it is even more crucial to be intentional about every conversation with prospects and customers.  In our panel discussion “Value-Selling a Premium Solution,” Lucy Sharma (Adyen) and …

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Mindful Work: Prioritizing Mental Health in Your Career

Being in a sales profession can be stressful especially when your performance is measured by hitting and exceeding sales targets and quotas. This could potentially lead to burnout very quickly. While pressures at work are unavoidable, prioritizing mental health in your career will help you set boundaries and stay focused to reach your professional goals.  …

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Value in Variety: Redefining career ladders through role exploration

Whether you’ve landed in your current role by chance or because it aligns with your passion, interests, or values, each individual’s career path is unique. Some may opt for long-term growth in one position. Others seek new challenges and enjoy venturing beyond their comfort zones to explore uncharted industries.  In our panel discussion “Value in …

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WISE Member of the Month: April 2023

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hToIge48GW4 Each month, WISE selects a member of the community to share their sales knowledge and story. We are excited to announce Nirvanna Lildharrie as our April 2023 Member of the Month! Nirvanna is currently working as Account Executive Team Lead at Column and joined the WISE community in 2022. How and when do you fit …

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Being Comfortable When You’re Uncomfortable

Whether you are transitioning to a new role, navigating an unfamiliar environment, or doing something for the first time, facing uncomfortable or challenging situations will always be a part of your career, and what you learn out of it can be the key to your professional and personal growth.  During our panel, Nidhi Trivedi (Zendesk) …

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How to Impress in a Sales Interview

Just as with a sales call, nailing a sales interview requires thorough preparation. If you don’t do the right prep work, you won’t have any chance of standing out from the pack of other candidates who are applying for the same role.  During our panel Crystal Phillips (Bandwidth) and Dani Albini (Grammarly) shared tips for …

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Career Path Deep Dive: Business Development

Business development and sales work hand-in-hand towards the same goal – bringing revenue into an organization . Whether through identifying new areas to sell into, developing a strategy on how to approach those accounts, or selling through partners and channels, “BD” supports business growth. During our panel Jessie Ross (PitchBook Data) and Danica Murphy (Udemy) …

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