How to Impress in a Sales Interview

Just as with a sales call, nailing a sales interview requires thorough preparation. If you don’t do the right prep work, you won’t have any chance of standing out from the pack of other candidates who are applying for the same role.  During our panel Crystal Phillips (Bandwidth) and Dani Albini (Grammarly) shared tips for …

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Career Path Deep Dive: Business Development

Business development and sales work hand-in-hand towards the same goal – bringing revenue into an organization . Whether through identifying new areas to sell into, developing a strategy on how to approach those accounts, or selling through partners and channels, “BD” supports business growth. During our panel Jessie Ross (PitchBook Data) and Danica Murphy (Udemy) …

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How To Trust & Respect Yourself

Career transitions can be tricky to navigate. It’s easy to fall into traps of self-doubt, anxiety, and vulnerability and the notion that one “wrong” decision will drastically hurt the rest of our career. While we acknowledge that those fears are natural and fair, we also believe that you can mitigate their impact by learning to …

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Choosing Your Leadership Path: Different ways to be a leader in sales

Regardless of your function or role, everyone has the opportunity to demonstrate leadership in a variety of ways. It doesn’t require an official management title or position. You can be an individual contributor without direct reports and still be in a position to influence change or create a positive impact on your organization and those …

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Getting to the root of employee happiness

As an employee, you have to pause and reflect on what makes you happy, what keeps you going, and what your non-negotiables are. Being able to communicate your motivations to your manager or your future employer is only half of it. The other half relies on your manager’s ability to create an environment so you …

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How to create an effective and engaging onboarding experience

An effective and engaging onboarding experience is a must-have for every organization. A successful onboarding strategy will help you reduce attrition and acclimate your new hires. It’s also your opportunity to demonstrate your company’s mission, values, and unique characteristics. However, crafting an onboarding process is no simple feat. It’s something that must be constantly re-evaluated. …

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Professional Wellness with Tania Doub

Navigating a sales career has its unique set of challenges. Like other careers, it is oftentimes not a linear path. Success in sales can be synonymous with hitting quotas and crushing numbers. So, how can you feel good about yourself regardless of the outcome? The secret is to follow your process, work at your goals, …

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