Sales Tips

Creating Advocates Throughout the Sales Process

In an ideal world, salespeople can discover what stakeholders are looking to achieve, skipping bureaucratic barriers. Talking directly to decision-makers, understand what they need and come back with a proposal would shorten the sales cycle. But that isn’t reality. Instead, we’re seeing an increase of inbound hand-raisers researching a service instead of someone with the …

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How to Adapt Your Sales Strategy to Customers and Prospects

Salespeople are always projecting an image to customers. Even if you’re just sending a quick email to a prospect, everything you do has an impact on how customers perceive and trust you. To succeed as a salesperson, you should tailor your approach with different people. If necessary, you need to be able to pivot so …

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How Successful Female Entrepreneurs Raise Funding

WISE’s mission is to advance the careers of female sellers despite the lack of diversity and resources for women in sales organizations. While dedicated to building the next-generation of women sales leaders we also want to shine a spotlight on the women brave enough to start their own business. Just In 2019, 40% of female …

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providing value to prospects

Four Principles of Providing Value to Prospects

Providing value to prospects during the sales process comes down to a few key qualities: curiosity, preparation, expertise, and transparency. Here’s how to cultivate these skills and demonstrate your value so you can close the deal today and build a lasting relationship that benefits both you and your clients. 1. Be curious. Curiosity enables you …

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Providing value through exceptional communication

Providing Value Through Exceptional Communication

Sales success starts with providing value. And providing value to prospective customers starts with stellar communication. You need to get to know your prospect intimately so that you can highlight the right points during the sales process. Here’s how I do this. The value of in-depth conversations To provide value, you need to engage with …

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