How Successful Female Entrepreneurs Raise Funding

WISE’s mission is to advance the careers of female sellers despite the lack of diversity and resources for women in sales organizations. While dedicated to building the next-generation of women sales leaders we also want to shine a spotlight on the women brave enough to start their own business. Just In 2019, 40% of female entrepreneurs reached success for their business. This is amazing news but we don’t always hear about the journey. The startup reaches the top or the business becomes profitable but year after year the techniques entrepreneurs use to pitch their startup to investors are lost. 

These are very important skills to learn because they set you on a path to achieving incredible results. It has been in Kevin O’Leary’s experience on Shark Tank that of the 40 companies he invested in, 95% of female entrepreneurs hit their goals. Compared to the 65% of businesses that are male led. As more women know the correct ways to present their business idea, more will have a seat at the investor table and the 29% of women in senior leadership positions will increase.

Now there is no doubt that men outnumber women on investor boards. It has also been revealed that 79% of companies have a low priority for gender inequality in the workplace. Despite these barriers, successful women have pushed past them by having the strength, confidence, and ambition to meet their goals, and absolutely no fear regardless of how many times they fail. 

If you’re considering utilizing your entrepreneurial background to start your own business, our friends at Fundera created an infographic on how successful female entrepreneurs raise funding.