Datadog is the monitoring service for hybrid cloud applications, assisting organizations in improving agility, increasing efficiency, and providing end-to-end visibility across the application and organization. We’re a fast growing, driven tech company disrupting the cloud monitoring and DevOps space. We launched in 2010 and have no plans to slow down!

About Datadog

Datadog is the monitoring and analytics platform for developers, IT teams and business users in the cloud age. We assist organizations in improving agility, increasing efficiency, and providing end-to-end visibility across the application. These capabilities are provided on a SaaS-based data analytics platform that enables DevOps and other teams to accelerate go-to-market efforts, ensure application uptime, and successfully complete digital transformation initiatives. Thanks to our teammates, novel product, and loyal customers, we’ve doubled YOY with no plans of slowing down. Across the company, we are excited about delivering a product that our customers love. We promote a healthy work-life balance, career growth, and a friendly, collaborative culture. We value enthusiasm, humility, and openness and are truly passionate about what we do and who we are.

Partnership with WISE

“Having a partnership with WISE allows us access to not only a great platform and forum to hear from senior female leaders, but also content that will help us grow in our careers – whichever route we choose. The ability to collaborate in a safe environment is priceless.”

Lucy Williams-Jones 
Director, Enterprise Sales – UK

“To me, having a partnership with WISE means that Datadog is making a conscious effort to lift women up within sales and leadership positions. When we have diversity, everyone wins. Having different perspectives and backgrounds can only enhance the team by changing the way you attack the market and sell your product. It’s important to Datadog that we gain these perspectives and our support and partnership with WISE highlights just that.”

Carolina Neville-O’Neill
Manager, Commercial Sales – LATAM

“Datadog’s partnership with WISE grants us access to dialog and thought leadership from members of our broader sales community. By participating in events we gain glimpses into the careers and minds of industry peers, and we have the chance to share our own stories, offer our mentorship and grow our networks.”

Petra (Ross-Raymond) Sommerville
Senior Director, Sales Development – Global