Businesses use Fullstory to create better digital experiences for their customers. That mission is our mission too, which is why we’ve built the pillars of privacy, trustworthiness and responsibility into every aspect of our platform.

About Fullstory

How can companies learn what delights or frustrates their users? They created Fullstory in order to answer that question definitively and with clear data.

Fullstory’s easy-to-use digital intelligence platforms allows their customers to solve problems, find answers, and fine-tune customer experiences. They believe software should exist to empower its users, and they want to help their customers build amazing digital experiences.

Customer experience isn’t just the selling point for Fullstory’s product – it’s their singular focus when they sit down to work (or stand, depending on their choice of desk). They want Fullstory customers to have a perfect experience themselves, and their entire company is organized to better make that dream a reality. 


Why Work at Fullstory

“We want candidates of all human varieties, backgrounds, and lifestyles. There’s no problem that can’t be made better by bringing together people with a broader set of perspectives. So, please, if you love technology but aren’t sure if you’d fit in, apply anyway.”

Scott Voigt, CEO

Featured Team Members


Sarah Jackson
Practice Manager Commercial Sales


Gabrielle Sirner-Cohen
People Operations