Wiz is a new approach to cloud security that finds the most critical risks and infiltration vectors with complete coverage across the full stack of multi-cloud environments.

About Wiz.io

At its core, magic is defined by a deep understanding of your environment and using natural means to create seemingly impossible outcomes. We wanted our company name to be born out of this notion that our approach to security is solving customer problems that seem impossible today. It allows us to emphasize our ambitious objective to completely change how we’re approaching cloud security as an industry.

The magic ingredient? Every single person on team Wiz.
We truly believe that as a company we are in a unique position to drive change and our name -Wiz- is the ultimate representation of exactly that.

Partnership with WISE

“We (Wiz) are honored to be a part of the WISE community and support the WISE mission.  The importance of investing in and promoting diversity cannot be understated.  We are eager to make a difference and thankful for the opportunity.”

Colin Jones, SVP Global Sales & DB