Developing Your Leadership Compass

WISE is a digital platform dedicated to developing the next generation of female sales leaders. Our mission is to combine the best of online and offline career resources to connect members, share knowledge, and grow community.

Brianna Elefant of Voray, Cassie Young of Sailthru, and Beth Prunier of WayUp discuss how they got into sales and the steps they’ve taken to achieve success

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Individual Question Segments

1. The first time you remember owning your role as a sales leader

2. Differentiating between management and leadership

3. Key traits of a great sales leader

4. Managing former peers

5. Thoughts on delivering feedback to your team

6. Managing up: working with CEOs, managers, founders

7. Managing a team of more experienced sales reps

8. Displaying confidence to your team when you're not feeling confident

9. Best leadership resources for you and your team

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