2020 Kickoff: How to Crush Your Sales Goals in the New Year - NYC

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Alea Homison of AlphaSense, Inc., Jessica Peluso of Handshake, and Sarah Pierce of Better discuss strategies on how to crush your sales goals in the new year.

Watch our full discussion, or scroll down to watch the individual question segments.

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Individual Question Segments

1. Getting a team aligned in 2020

2. Getting employees off to a fast start

3. How to make meaningful changes in your process

4. Assessing personal brand while building a team

5. Developing your personal brand

6. The value of managing up

7. Qualities to look for when hiring a leader

8. Qualities leaders look for in employees

9. Recalibrating a larger team for 2020

10. Stories of coaching younger sales reps

11. Course-correcting 2019 mistakes

12. Goals outside of work in 2020

13. Favorite podcasts, books, blogs and more

14. Starting out in sales enablement

15. Maintaining balance in sales

16. Qualities to look for in managers

17. Showing weakness and strength in the workplace

18. How to stop feeling guilty about taking vacation days

19. Balancing empathy and accountability in sales

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