Journey in Sales - London

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Natasha Evans of SalesLoft, Lauren McGuire of TripActions, Amelia Scott of Culture Amp and Megan Harvey of Looker detail their journey in sales.

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Individual Question Segments

1 - Making choices in your sales journey

2 - Moving from a large company to a startup

3 - Taking the opportunity to move into sales from another career

4 - Taking a sabbatical from a sales career

5 - Unconventional steps in your sales career

6 - Positioning yourself for a role when you don't feel prepared

7 - Advocating for yourself

8 - Finding a Mentor

9 - Sales career advice you wish you'd received earlier

10 - Building resilience within your sales team

11 - Standing up for yourself

12 - Resources that have helped you unlock your best self

13 - Things you wish you knew at the start of your management journey

14 - Growing your sales team at a startup

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