Catapult Your Career: Making Bold Career Moves To Get To The Top

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Mandy Bynum Mc Laughlin of New Relic, Inc., Sara Lopez-Barton of Adyen and Michelle Hobbs of discuss tactical steps you can take to advance your career.

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Individual Question Segments

1. Taking a risk with a career move

2. Overcoming obstacles in your career

3. Advancing from an IC role to upper management

4. Showcasing achievements holistically

5. Approaching your manager about a career change

6. Having valuable career conversations with SDRs

7. Managing finances when changing careers

8. Men vs women when making a career move

9. How to approach negotiating salary

10. Why and when to give a raise

11. Motivational figures in sales career development

12. Career changes after having children

13. Working to find your passion

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