Finding and Fostering Mentorship

WISE is an event series that brings together female sales professionals to share knowledge, foster mentorship and grow community.

The Q2 event focuses on the topic of how to find and foster mentorship. It features two panelists who have extensive experience growing their sales careers at high growth tech companies, and had the opportunity to develop a mentor/mentee relationship with one another along the way.

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Individual Question Segments

1. Introduction: Women in Sales Quarterly
2. Biggest value/benefits of mentorship
3. Mentee value back to mentor
4. Advice for seeking mentor relationship
5. Responsibilities for a proactive mentor
6. Fostering mentoring relationships with men
7. Advice to become a female Head of Sales
8. Fostering healthy mentor work-life balance
9. Outstanding mentee qualities
10. Managing personal/professional bond
11. Mentor relationships outside the company
12. Balancing professionally saying "no"

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