Taking Ownership of Your Career in Sales - Boston

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Erin Cullen of Brightcove, Colleen Manning of Clora, and Carol Chen of CarGurus discuss taking ownership of your career in sales.

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Individual Question Segments

1. Getting into sales

2. How to stay postive in sales

3. Effective internal networking for promotion

4. Leveraging mentorship throughout your career

5. Effective external networking for promotion

6. Navigating opportunites for leadership

7. Balancing aggression and patience

8. Evaluating organizational fit

9. Finding the confidence to move out of a sales role

10. Taking ownership of your career

11. Inspiring teams with a no-fear culture

12. Being your own sales manager

13. Measure of success besides quota?

14. Resources to prepare for leadership

15. Resources to prepare for leadership

16. Best books for every woman in sales

17. How you met your mentors

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