Taking Ownership of Your Career in Sales

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Amber Banks of Justworks, Jennifer Etherton of Klara, and Megan Bowen of Managed by Q discuss how they got into sales and the steps they’ve taken to achieve success

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Individual Question Segments

1. Introduction

2. Defining "ownership" in the context of your career

3. Taking ownership of your career from the get-go

4. How does Sales allow women to take ownership of their careers?

5. Moving from the Individual Contributor to Management Level

6. How to increase your credibility early in your sales career

7. Balancing gender representation throughout sales and account roles

8. Defining factors that make people choose to go from IC to Management

9. Overcoming "Imposter Syndrome" in Sales

10. What sets top performers to the rest of the team?

11. Moving to a new industry: Gaining knowledge & credibility

12. How can a manager create a culture of taking ownership

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