Taking Ownership of Your Career

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Liz Cain of OpenView Venture Partners, Amy Appleyard of Carbon Black and Natasha Sekkat of Panera Catering discuss how they got into sales and the steps they’ve taken to achieve success.

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Individual Question Segments

1. Talk about one person in your life who defined ownership
2. Checkpoints to consider before making a career move
2. Defining ownership in your career, and at what point did you start to do that?​
4. Carving out your own career path when there isn't a clearly defined one
5. How does sales allow you to take ownership of your career
6. Gaining career credibility when you're younger
7. Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
8. Work-life balance as a woman
9. Ensuring yourself that you're growing professionally with limited feedback
10. Guiding & motivating employees who aren't living up to their potential

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