The Art of Negotiation - Boston

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Amanda Parks of Snyk, Wendy Harris of CarGurus, and Emily Alexanderson of Santander discuss tactical ways to become a better negotiator throughout the entire deal process.

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Individual Question Segments

1. When does negotiation start?

2. Emotional intelligence in negotiation

3. Getting comfortable with negotiations early in your career

4. Key signals to listen for throughout the sales process

5. Utilizing silence in negotiations

6. How to put yourself in your client's mindset

7. When do you start talking numbers in negotiation?

8. Bringing in additional resources in negotiation

9. Determining the best format for a negotiation

10. Best way to prepare for a negotiation

11. Having the correct decision maker involved in the negotiation

12. Tips for getting buy-in throughout the sales process

13. Tips for advocating for your career progression

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