Adding Value from Cold Call to Contract - NYC

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Meg Hewitt of Salesforce, Caroline French of AdRoll, and Cara Felleman of Resy discuss tactical ways to add value throughout the entire deal process.

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Individual Question Segments

1. Defining "value" in the sales process

2. Adding value when you have limited information

3. Effectively using limited time with a prospect

4. Tips for showing instead of telling in the sales process

5. Re-engaging cold prospects

6. Creating value for multiple different decision makers at the same company

7. Tactical methods for anti-selling

8. Tips and tricks for building champions in your deals

9. Creating an empowering environment for women in sales

10. Creating credibility for yourself as a seller

11. AE best practices for cold outreach to strategic accounts

12. Financially justifying a move to management from an IC role

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