How to Make the Most of Remote Work

Remote work has become the norm for many companies, and for good reason. It provides a range of benefits, such as flexible hours and control over one’s workspace, which can help create a motivating and productive workflow.

There are also financial advantages, such as savings on commuting costs. Additionally, employees living abroad may receive higher wages if they are paid in dollars or euros rather than their local currency.

However, remote working can also have its drawbacks. Too much flexibility and freedom can lead to a lack of focus and productivity. So, how can you create a work-life balance and make the most of your workday while still enjoying the benefits of remote work?

Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Build a schedule and work routine that stick

The first thing you must do is create a focused work routine. Most roles in a revenue function have to dedicate time for meetings and prospecting, but others have complete flexibility when creating their daily work schedule. Start by listing out your priorities and deliverables, and then build a routine around that.

Create a schedule that you can stick to. Based on your responsibilities and working style, this might include time-blocking your calendar or using the Pomodoro method to get through a daily task list. The important thing is that you give yourself enough time to get the job done and adjust your routine as needed. For example, maybe you notice that a particular task is easier to complete in the morning versus the afternoon. Or that you have more energy when you start your day by jumping into a project instead of clearing out your inbox. Your routine should be personalized to fit your needs, so build in these changes as you notice them.

Make the most of your breaks

Once you have developed a well-rounded work routine, it’s time to think about how to make the most of your breaks. Taking breaks throughout the day is crucial, even for 5-10 minutes at a time. A remote work setting gives you way more flexibility in how you use your downtime. Use that to your advantage and build a system that will help keep your energy levels up and increase productivity.

Consider where your breaks fall throughout the day and how you typically feel around that time. If you need an energy boost, pausing to go on a short walk or doing some stretching could help you refocus. If you feel overwhelmed or stressed, your break might be better spent by doing an activity that helps you relax and recharge like reading or meditating. Ultimately, your breaks should be tailored to fit your individual needs at that moment. Make the most of your remote working experience by experimenting and finding what works best for you.

Go outside and enjoy the outdoors

Being a remote worker can often feel isolating. Going outside can help you clear your mind and reset, and provide some much-needed vitamin D. Even spending a few minutes a day outside has been found to improve mood and motivation, reduce stress, and increase focus and productivity.

There are many ways you can incorporate outdoor time into your remote schedule. If you have a task that only requires your phone and laptop, try working from a cafe patio or terrace. Taking a stroll through your local neighborhood or park can help if you’re stuck on a project or need a mental break.

All in all, remote working allows you to enjoy a range of benefits while also providing the opportunity to create a productive, balanced, and healthy work routine. You can make the most of this setup by creating a focused work routine and utilizing those breaks to improve your well-being. Chances are, you will become more productive because of your flexible work routine which benefits not only you but also your company.

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