Professional Wellness with Tania Doub

Navigating a sales career has its unique set of challenges. Like other careers, it is oftentimes not a linear path. Success in sales can be synonymous with hitting quotas and crushing numbers.

So, how can you feel good about yourself regardless of the outcome? The secret is to follow your process, work at your goals, and learn from your wins or rejections.

Sales expert, Tania Doub (Founder & CEO @ Work It!) shared some practical steps for how to stay motivated in your sales career as a woman. 

Identify, take action, and reflect.

Identify where you need to make progress to get closer to your goals. Take action on the building blocks to get to your next step. Make the call, write the email, etc. And finally, reflect back for answers. For example why you were procrastinating, or why you didn’t achieve a result? Wash, rinse, and repeat these three steps in your sales planning. It will encourage consistency and set you up for success.

Consistency + motivation = results.

The process above will help with consistency, so how do you turn that into results? You add your personal motivations. Think about what motivates you at the beginning and end of each day and write it down. Repeat it as a mantra and allow it to serve as your north star through everything you do.

In the face of rejection, don’t get discouraged.

Your career may ebb and flow, and you may not always be met with success. If you face rejection, try not to dwell on negative thoughts. Maintain a positive attitude, reflect on your goals, and figure out where to go next. Following these steps will often lead you to a role you may have never anticipated. Remember, when one door closes, another opens.
As a woman in sales, there will be plenty of times when you feel demotivated. You might also find imposter syndrome knocking at your door. Keep a growth mindset by refocusing your thinking and using your strengths to adapt to the situation at hand.
Find the silver lining, and stick to your values and passion.

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