Sales Pitch Techniques to Better Connect with Customers

Finding creative ways to engage with customers and to ensure stronger deals takes preparation. While different organizations and sales persons have their own strategies of connecting with prospects, an approach that is personalized, emphatic, and one which is led by data and peer benchmarks will make the most impact. 

 Our panelists Sarah Schultz (Salesloft), Jill Stover (Handshake) and Rachel Moser (WISE) shared some tactical and creative ways to better connect with customers. 

Personalization is essential.

Customers respond best to messages that are unique to them and their experience. Most importantly, personalization demonstrates that you care. Make your messages relevant to your prospect. To see true results, it is recommended that you personalize at least 30% of your email messages. Leadership can support new reps by building and distributing a talk track to get their message across, handle objections, and answer or ask questions.

Lead with data and peer benchmarks.

It’s important to remember how you are engaging with your customers mid-cycle, especially with deals that take longer. Use this time mid-cycle to share data and peer benchmarks that reflect on how your product is solving similar issues with other customers. Demonstrating how you’ve influenced other customers can also create a powerful sense of FOMO. Learn customer stories, identify areas of impact, and how you can bring these to your conversations.

Account mapping is one of the most important jobs as sellers.

It can be extremely discouraging to lose a stakeholder after nurturing a relationship for a long time. Remember to ask to be connected to other champions internally. Determine who the executive buyer is and align with them early on. Make it easy on your champion and bring your account map to them to validate, or ask for an introduction. Be tactical in your approach — build relationships across the organization.

Keep a customer-centric approach to your outreach, but believe in your solution and convey this confidence in your conversations. You may not have control over market cycles which could affect closing deals, but you always have a hand at ensuring that you are connecting and building authentic relationships with your customers. 

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Thank you to all of the WISE partners for making this event possible and our panelists for sharing their time and advice.