Virtual Presentations: How to nail pitch decks, QBRs, and more

Virtual presentations can be intimidating, so in order to approach them with confidence, you need to set aside time to prepare. There are a number of methods and techniques to nailing a pitch or any presentation, but it ultimately boils down to preparation. 

Our panelists Nicole Malley (Area Sales Director, Enterprise @ Okta) and Megan Keir (Customer Success Lead @ Retool) shared their tips on delivering compelling presentations for your clients or your team. 

Know your audience and personalize your message.

Do your research to understand your audience. During your presentation, you should come prepared by knowing what your audience needs and the key strategic priorities you can leverage on. Learn their process and use their vernacular so your presentation is more relatable. 

Every presentation should tell a story.

Whether you’re doing a sales pitch or a QBR, the information you present should tell a specific story. Take this opportunity to craft a message that will generate opportunities or offer solutions that you or your products can solve.

Make sure every slide is important.

If you’re creating a deck and add a slide knowing you’ll “skip it” during the live presentation, don’t include it! Put it in the appendix and share it afterwards. Make sure that each slide has a purpose, but don’t get too attached to it! To make the conversation more personal, take down your slides and encourage your audience to answer questions off mute.

Be comfortable with silence.

In the virtual setting, it might take a few seconds for someone to jump in on something, so be patient with pauses and know that someone will contribute when prompted.

Although your presentation may be thorough, clear and informative, it’s important to involve the right people. Your audience should include individuals who not only need to hear what you have to share, but also be the ones to make business decisions. Lastly, come prepared with an agenda, have clear goals on what you want out of the presentation, and follow-up with next steps.

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Thank you to all of the WISE partners that made this event possible and our panelists for sharing their time and advice.