WISE Member of the Month: February 2022

Each month, WISE selects a member of the community to share their sales knowledge and story. We are excited to announce Bailey Newlan as our February 2022 Member of the Month!

Bailey is currently an Enterprise Account Executive at HiredScore and joined the WISE community in 2021.

What’s the most helpful piece of sales advice you’ve ever received?

For an enterprise sales cycle that has tons of stakeholders in particular, leverage every connection point available to you. Map external stakeholders to internal stakeholders. Big deals are won as a team. Different seniority levels and personality styles are better suited for conversations with other members on your team (or even customers or vendor partners). As an AE, it’s your job to orchestrate it all — not to necessarily lead every call and foster each relationship.

Bailey Newlan on sales advice

Favorite part of WISE Membership?

 I’ve found tremendous value in the mentorship aspect of WISE. I was paired with a mentor within the same industry (funny enough we had previously collaborated on a joint sales opportunity in the past!). We meet regularly and she’s given me great advice, most recently in negotiating my compensation. It’s great to have someone to get out of the weeds of the day-to-day sales work and focus on how to strategically build the career I want.

Favorite podcast on professional development?

I enjoy the Winning the Challenger Sale Podcast and the SaaS Sales Players podcast from Jesse Woodbury. 

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