WISE Member of the Month: February 2023

Each month, WISE selects a member of the community to share their sales knowledge and story. We are excited to announce  Joana (Ruano) Ames as our February 2023 Member of the Month!

Joana is currently working as Regional Vice President of Sales at Garner Health and joined the WISE community in 2022.

Why did you join WISE? 

After one of the leaders at my current organization invited me to a WISE event, I began doing research on the group’s mission and immediately knew this was a community I wanted to be a part of. I am passionate about creating inclusivity within my industry (employee benefits) and, more specifically, I know there is room for improvement in creating more inclusive places for women in sales.

2023 MoM February - Joana Ames 1

What’s one new habit you’ve implemented in 2023?

This year I am making it a habit to refer women for sales opportunities that come my way, even if they are not an interest or fit for me. Instead of rejecting opportunities, this small action can have a big impact in linking women to sales positions that they may not have otherwise been exposed to.

How has networking impacted your career?

It is no secret that networking is a huge part of sales and ultimately leads to success. However, the way networking has impacted my career the most is through the relationships that have grown into mentor and advisor relationships. As a first generation American and first-generation college graduate, having a circle of people that I can lean on for guidance and “second opinions” has pushed me to continue betting on myself.

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